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Magimix Food Processor 3200 XL (White)

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Price: R 4750

Magimix Food Processor 3200 (White)

Magimix Food Processors are manufactured in the heart of Burgundy, France - the birthplace of Magimix.

Simple :

  • 3 buttons to access all the functions.
  • A single speed, as the motor automatically adapts its output to the task in hand.
  • A different recipe book for each model.
  • A storage box for all the standard accessories.


The base of our Magimix food processor boasts a sleek, easy-to-clean design.
All our food processors are made in our own factories in France, and are fitted with powerful, ultra-quiet motors of a professional standard, with a 5-year warranty.. The appliance and its accessories are guaranteed for 1 year. The stainless-steel precision accessories ensure a perfect cut every time.

3 bowls. To meet the requirements of each recipe and help you save time, Magimix has created the Mini bowl and the Midi bowl.Placed inside the large bowl, they function independently and enable you to carry out several tasks in succession. Depending on model purchases
The large bowl for handling maximum capacities..
The Midi bowl, a second easy-to-clean bowl for grating, slicing, whisking egg whites and squeezing citrus fruits.
And last, but not least, the Mini bowl, used for processing small quantities and equipped with its own blade.

What Can The Magimix Food Processor Do?
Magimix machines are manufactured in France for people who really care about their food. You now own a machine that will take many of the laborious food preparation chores off your hands leaving you free to devote your attention to the actual cooking and presentation of the finished dish.

Your Magimix Food Processor will chop, mince, liquidize, slice, shred and grate, make pastry, cake and dough, giving perfect results in only seconds, and what is more, when all the work is completed, you have a piece of equipment that is easy to clean.

The double-bladed knife is the accessory which will probably most frequently be used. It can be used to process various types and quantities of food and for a range of purposes, from coarse chopping to producing a smooth puree, to mixing blending and liquidising. Hard or soft ingredients may be processed using the double-bladed knife and ingredients may be placed in the bowl or gradually fed in through the feed tube while the machine is running. During processing it may be necessary to stop the machine to scrape food down from the sides of the bowl. Do not exceed the maximum capacities given in the recipe book.

The mini-bowl or mini-processor does the same job as the main bowl but it will process very small quantities. A few sprigs of parsley or a couple of cloves of garlic can be chopped very satisfactorily in the mini-bowl and there will be no need to wash up the main bowl. It can also be used for vinaigrette, sauces and baby foods and there are many examples given in the recipe book.

The Midi Bowl can be used with the following accessories: discs, egg whisk and citrus press (optional accessory depending on the models), there will be no need to wash up the main bowl.

The recipes in the book are designed to give some nice and unusual ideas but also cover all the main uses of the Magimix Food Processor

Recipes are given for pastry and bread.

Follow the bread recipes and you will find how easy and satisfactory it is to bake at home.
The cake recipes use the all-in-one method, which is not only very quick, but, in the Magimix food processor, the most satisfactory way of making a cake.


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