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Kuto Plus Dehydrator

The Kuto is a modern dehydrator with digital touch pad, the PLUS version comes with stainless steel trays.

Price: R 4330
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This is the premium version of the Kuto dehydrator, it includes 6 large stainless steel drying trays and can dehydrate up to 7 kilograms of produce in one go.

Key features of the Kuto dehydrator

  • Digital touchpad control - Modern method of operation
  • Temperature and time settings - 35-70 °C and up to 19.5 hours
  • Quiet operation - Some dehydrators are really loud!
  • Clear door - View your food while it dries without interrupting the actual process
  • Large drying capacity - The Kuto PLUS Dehydrator can hold up to 7 kg of produce in one go

Prepare delicious healthy snacks that are rich in
nutrients, flavour and colour

  • Just great for arts and crafts
  • Cake and biscuit decor
  • Drying flowers
  • Raw food delights
  • Homemade granola and energy bars
  • Hiking and camping - dehydrated meals
  • Treats for your pets
  • Biltong and other tasty treats the whole family

Features of the Kuto Dehydrator

  • Square’ Trays - 33x30 cm
  • Increase height between trays - Trays can also be removed to create space for drying larger items
  • Dehydration Area - The Kuto dehydrator offers over ½ m2 area of drying space (0.6m2)
  • Raw-food friendly - Offers a temperature as low as of 35 °C
  • Mesh sheets - Optional extra - for drying small items and product such as herbs
  • Solid trays - For wet stuff
  • Non-stick sheets - Alternative to solid trays for drying the wet stuff
  • Residue collection tray - Catch what drops
  • Adjustable temperatures - Temperatures range from 35º - 70 ºC in increments of 5 degrees
  • Easy to clean - The Kuto dehydrator is easy to clean, simply wipe the dehydrator with a damp cloth both inside and out
  • No Rotation - Even drying with a central fan means no need to rotate the trays
  • Built in digital timer - up to 19.5 hours

Optional Extras:

  • Mesh Sheets
  • Solid trays
  • Non-stick reusable sheets - great price!
  • All parts on the Kuto are replaceable and cost effective to replace

What’s in the box?

  • Kuto dehydrator 
  • 6 removable stainless steel trays
  • 5 solid trays (32 x 30 cm)
  • 1 solid/drip tray (32 x 30 cm)
  • User-friendly instruction manual
  • User-friendly dehydrator brochure and a recipe insert

  • 16-01-2020
    So happy with the Kuto Plus! An amazing addition to my kitchen. I love everything about it! I have already dried prunes which turned out perfectly. Can't wait to use it again. Definitely recommend this product. Thanks to Ecohub for great service.
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