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DNA Whole Cold Press Juicer

An affordable whole slow juicer. Allows you to feed in whole apples, whole beetroot etc. Cold press.

Price: R 3695

The very popular DNA Cold Press Juicer now features a Wide Feeding-Chute for whole fruits and vegetables. The 83mm wide-feeding chute will not only cut preparation time drastically, it will also make the feeding of produce into the feeding chute radically faster.

The New and Improved DNA Juicer boasts the following features:

  • Juicer Type: Cold Press (Masticating)
  • Speed: 37 RPM
  • Motor Power Output: 250 Watt (Induction Motor)
  • Type of Plastic: Tritan (BPA Free)
  • Strainers: Includes Two Strainer. 1 x Fine Strainer, 1 x Coarse Strainer.
  • Juice Flow Control: Yes, built into juice outlet
  • Warranty on Motor: 10 Years
  • Warranty on Parts and Labour: 1 Years
  • Includes: Complete Juicer with all of it’s parts, two 1.5l juicing jugs, tamper, cleaning brush, drying rack, juice cup sieve, instruction manual, juicing recipe guide.

If you are still stuck with a traditional juicer, here some valid reasons that set a Cold Press Juicer apart from a Traditional Juicer:

Cold Press Technology vs Centrifugal Technology
A Cold Press Juicer is a complete departure from the standard centrifugal juicing method. The Cold Press Technology System allows the DNA Juicer to extract the maximum amount of nutrients, vitamins, taste and juice from a minimum amount of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and even soybeans. The Cold Press Juicing Technology uses a dual-stage crushing and then pressing action to minimise bruising and oxidation, therefore retaining up to 95% of Vitamins, Minerals and Live Enzymes and maximising juice yield. A Centrifugal Juicer on the other hand, extracts juice via a high-speed cutting action that results in bruising, heat through friction and accelerated oxidation. The result is juice that is deficient in vitamins, minerals and live enzymes and juice wastage due to very wet pulp.


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