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Greenis Juicer F9010

An affordable slow juicer that produces really high quality juice.

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High quality cold pressed juice from an affordable masticating juicer


The Greenis Juicer is an affordable cold press juicer. It makes juices which are of a very similar quality to the produce of the Oscar Juicers. The Greenis Juicer is manufactured in China, as opposed to Korea where many leading juicers are manufactured. This explains the better price point. 

Why choose Greenis?

At this price point, many people make the mistake of buying a centrifugal juicer from major department stores. The problem with these is that they oxidise the juice and they are not good at juicing leafy greens. If one of our more expensive cold press juicers is not within your budget, the Greenis juicer will allow you to make super healthy cold pressed juices at home. It is capable of juicing leafy greens like spinach, kale & wheatgrass. The juice contains maximum vitamins, antioxidants & phytochemicals.

The low rpm means that the juice is not heated during extraction and is not oxidised; this means that your juice is healthier and can be stored for a longer time. 

The Greenis is a vertical juicer, similar to the Hurom, Omega VRT and Kuvings Juicer. Note that the blank screen is an optional extra. 


Greenis Juicer Videos

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