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Welcome to Samson Brands
Good Nutrition and Exercise are consistently reported as promoters of good health and life longevity. Samson Brands is dedicated to introducing products that support good health

Our Mission
To provide a full complement of juicing and food preparation products that promote healthy living.

Our Goals

  • Offer superior products at competitive prices, provide knowledgeable customer support, and maintain satisfied clientele.
  • Produce the best Household and Commercial juicing products on the market.

Our History
The original Single Auger Juicer was introduced by Samson in 1992. Until then, only higher speed masticating juicers were available. Samson revolutionized the juicer market with the introduction slow-speed single auger technology.

The Samson Ultra Twin Gear Juicer (KPE1301) was introduced in 1997, designed by the inventor of the Green Power Gold, and followed a few years later by the Green Power Kempo (KPE1303). New advances in twin gear technology have been incorporated and the Green Power KPE1304.

The rights to manufacture and distribute the Welles Peoples Press were acquired in 2006. The Welles Press is manufactured in the USA.

Recognizing the importance of the Commercial juicing marketplace, in 2008 Samson Brands acquired the Wheateena Product Brand. The original Wheateena Juicer was commissioned in 1966 by Dr. Ann Wigmore, founder of the Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston. Since then Wheateena has been designing and manufacturing commercial and household wheatgrass juicers in the USA.

We continue explore technology that will advance the healthy living.



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We sell various health appliances and sustainable lifestyle products. We have been in operation since 2008.


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