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Striking Energy


Striking Energy products are proudly made in South Africa. 

Who we are

Striking Energy provides unique heating solutions to the South African market since 2009. As an owner-run business, it allows us to focus on certain core values that benefit our customers in a way no big corporate can. Exceptional and speedy customer service, deep knowledge of infrared heat, and a love for challenges.

What we do

We build solutions that warm people and products in a 

  • Cost-effective
  • Energy Efficient
  • A safe, clean, and environmentally friendly way
  • Using the latest tested technology

We manufacture our range of high-quality Infrared Space heaters proudly made in the Western Cape province of South Africa. Local means support.

We also design and manufacture custom Infrared heating solutions for various industrial processes (e.g. curing, drying, baking) in various industries (e.g. Food processing, raw material processing, Hospitality, Agricultural, and Mining)

The Striking Energy difference:

Local Manufactured products.

Apart from much-needed job creation, being local means a better understanding of our customer's needs and the ability to service them

We understand Infrared Heat

We don’t “push” mass-produced products for profit, but rather build solutions for problems



RSA: 011 083 5558 / 021 813 9097
UK: 020 8133 8125


We sell various health appliances and sustainable lifestyle products. We have been in operation since 2008.


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