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We stock only the best, highly effective air purifiers, suitable for home and office use.

With so many cheap air purifiers on the market how do you know that they are actually working? 

Most our air filtration systems use hepa filters, making them some of the best, most effective air purifiers in South Africa.

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Air Purifiers

Daikin MC70L Air Purifier

Daikin air purification solutions eliminate harmful agents from the air, such as allergens, bacteria, viruses and pollution, to improve breathing comfort & health.
For areas up to...

Price: R 8995
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Solenco Comefresh CF8500 Air Purifier

For spaces between 20 to 40m²

Price: R 2320
Current Stock Level

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Solenco Comefresh CF 8608 Air Purifier

Ideal for spaces of up to 50m2

Price: R 5345
Current Stock Level

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Airvax Air Purifier

The Airvax Air Purifier is in the forefront of technology when it comes to air purification, a high quality unit at a great price.

Normal price: R 4250
Price: R 3825
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