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Solenco 5L Low Energy Dehumidifier

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Experience unparalleled comfort with the Solenco 5L Low Energy Dehumidifier, the most compact and efficient moisture solution in South Africa. Elevate your living space while saving energy, protecting your home from damp, and ensuring near silent operation.

Normal price: R 2999
Price: R 2899


  • Compact Design: South Africa's smallest compressor-type dehumidifier, perfect for single rooms to entire homes
  • Near Silent Operation: Engineered for ultra-quiet performance, ensuring uninterrupted peace in your space
  • Energy-Efficient: Low energy consumption (40c per hour at R2.78 kWh) with a high extraction rate of 5L per day at 30°C and 80% RH
  • Intelligent Humidity Control: CPU-controlled digital humidistat with real-time room humidity display and adjustable settings
  • Versatile Utility: Dries clothes more economically than tumble dryers and offers both tank operation and permanent drainage options
  • Stylish and Practical: Modern design that complements contemporary spaces, equipped with a splash-proof tank for mess-free operation
  • Two Year Warranty

Introducing the Solenco 5L Low Energy Dehumidifier – a pinnacle of innovation in moisture management tailored for the South African climate. As the most compact compressor-type dehumidifier in the country, its design flawlessly fits single rooms, bedrooms, and even entire single bedroom homes or apartments. But its size isn't it's only hallmark. Engineered to operate quietly, it ensures a peaceful environment, making disturbances a thing of the past.

Boasting an impressive extraction rate of 5L per day at conditions of 30 degrees and 80% Relative Humidity, this dehumidifier guarantees optimal comfort. With features like the Auto Restart, power interruptions from load shedding become hassle-free as the unit seamlessly resumes its operation. For those seeking an economical solution for drying clothes, the Solenco 5L outperforms conventional tumble dryers, ensuring your garments remain fresh and long-lasting. Furthermore, its intelligent CPU-controlled digital humidistat provides real-time room humidity display and adjustable settings, putting you in control of your surroundings.

In the battle against mould, damp, and condensation, the Solenco 5L Low Energy Dehumidifier emerges as a champion. Its modern design not only complements contemporary spaces but also offers practicality with a splash-proof tank. The versatile drainage options, including tank operation or a permanent drainage setup, provide flexibility based on your needs. Equipped with a 24-hour start/stop timer, this unit is not only about performance but also about convenience. Elevate your living experience and safeguard your home with the Solenco 5L Low Energy Dehumidifier – where innovation meets efficiency.

Brand: Solenco
Compressor or Desiccant?: Compressor
Extraction Rate: at 26.7°C and 60%rh 2.7 litres per day
Extraction Rate: at 30°C and 80%rh 4.9 litres per day
Noise level: at one metre 39dB(A)
Rated Power Consumption: 146W (see table above for more details)
Variable Humidistat: Yes
Approximate electricity: cost Just 35 cents/hour based on R2.56/kWh
Continuous Drainage: Yes, hose not included in the box
Continuous Drainage: Pipe Diameter
10mm internal diameter
Air Flow (nominal): 70m³/hour
Fan Speeds: One
Filter: Washable dust filter and optional HEPA and Carbon Filter
Digital Display: Yes
Tank: 1.5 litres
Operating Temperatures: 5.....35°C
Power Supply: 230V, 50Hz
Refrigerant :R290
Rated Current: 1.0A
Dimensions: (HWD) mm 410 x 215 x 250mm
Weight: 7 kgs

5L extraction rate


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