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Ezidri Ultra Food Dehydrator
Ezidri Ultra Food Dehydrator
Ezidri Ultra Food Dehydrator

Ezidri Ultra FD1000 Digital Food Dehydrator

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Ezidri Ultra Dehydrator is the most flexible of all Ezidri food driers and is the largest model. Supplied with 5 trays, 1 mesh and 1 solid sheet . It can be expanded to carry a total of 30 trays. Now with digital controller.

Normal price: R 5995
Price: R 5899

Ezidri Ultra Dehydrator Key Features

  • Simple to Use - True variable temperature settings from 30 to 70 degrees centigrade. Suitable for Raw Fooders that want the enzymes preserved. Biltong making and excellent as a small commercial unit.
  • Safety - Manufactured to the highest standards with food-safe materials and automatic cut-out. Carrying the international IEC and CE marks of safety certification.
  • Expansion - Supplied with trays (5), plus a mesh sheet and a solid sheet. (Additional trays and sheets can be ordered).
  • Flexibility - A huge selection of produce can be processed, ranging from liquid pastes and purees, sliced fruit and vegetables, small leaved herbs, small fruit slices and solid patties can be accommodated with the selection of surfaces available -trays, solid sheets and mesh sheets.
  • Space Saving - Up to 30 trays and only uses 39 sq cm of counter space.
  • Highest temperature is still gentle - Unlike cheap dehydrators where there is only one temperature setting that is so high that it actually burns food.
  • Automatic - Timed Switch-off - The Ultra can be used with a timer enabling you to set the dehydrator to stay on at a selected temperature for a specific time period.
  • No more over processing and over-drying.

Some of the things you can make in a Ezidri Ultra Dehydrator

  • Pretzels
  • Crackers (many types)
  • Sweet Potato Shreds
  • Seasonings
  • Dried tomatoes and other vegetables
  • Soaked and Dehydrated nuts and seeds
  • Veggie Burgers, etc.

Why The Ezidri Ultra Dehydrator Is Unique Among Dehydrators The World Over

  • The Unique Air-flow System -The Ezidri airflow pattern with microprocessor and integrated PLD circuitries ensures accurate airflow temperature and exceptional expandability.
  • Round Design -Air always flows more evenly in a round design vs a square design.
  • Expandability - The Ezidri can expand to more levels than any other domestic dehydrator worldwide.
  • Adjustable Temperature Control - Three handy settings
  • Rotation of Trays and produce on Trays is unnecessary - Unlike other dehydrators, the Ezidri does not require rotation of trays or produce.
  • Multiple fruit rolls (fruit leather) - The Ezidri has the capability of making up to 15 trays of fruit rolls at one time
  • Automatic Timer Facility - Optional automatic timer facilitiy, it has the ability to be left overnight and can be automatically switched off before produce over-dries.

Total Reviews: 5
Average Rating: 5

  • 29-07-2019
    This dehydrator is great. You can stack it up to 30 trays which allows you to make big batches in one go. Its also great for pizza's!
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  • 13-10-2020
    I ordered the Ezidri Ultra and it promptly arrived within 3 days. The dehydrator has 5 large trays which we immediately populated with banana's and pineapple and some berries. 18 hours later they were turned into delicious dried snacks, the machine works perfectly. I ordered some more trays as we are already running out of space. No more food that goes off, we dry everything!
    Magaliesburg -
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  • 15-10-2020
    The best thing since slide bread!!!!!! I now have the Snack Maker and the Ultra for bulk drying! Absolutely LOVE the Ezidri machines!
    Randburg -
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  • 30-07-2020
    Product arrived really quick and seamless with great support and communication from Dylan and team. Great products and great service.
    Cape Town -
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  • 16-08-2020
    Service unparalleled from ordering to delivery. This unit is fantastic. Size was my main reason for purchasing this brand. With the option to stack up as opposed to purchasing additional dehydrators its both cost effective and space saving.
    Randburg -
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