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Meaco Deluxe 202 Humidifier and Air Purifier

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Combined humidifier and air purifier to maintain a healthy humidity in the home.

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Meaco Deluxe 202 Humidifier and Air Purifier

Combined humidifier and air purifier to maintain a healthy humidity in the home.

Are you looking for a humidifier and air purifier to fight against the cold weather, low humidity and polluted air in your home?

  • Brand new for 2021!
  • Ultrasonic humidifier and air purifier
  • Warm and cool mist
  • Combined HEPA and Charcoal filter
  • Ultraviolet lamp to clean the water before humidification
  • Hard water filter to prevent limescale build up
  • Suitable for rooms up to 65m²
  • 17-hour run time
  • 100% recyclable packaging!


With the cold weather and central heating in the winter it is normal for dry conditions to affect in our homes causing dry skin, sore throats, or itchy eyes. It can also increase the risk of exposure to infections, affecting those with respiratory conditions and allergies. It is not only damaging to humans, but cracks in your wooden furniture are usually shrinkage caused by a reaction to a lack of moisture in the air.

The Meaco Deluxe 202 Humidifier not only keeps the air humid and clean, the humidified air you breathe in has also been sterilised by an ultraviolet lamp, prior to humidification.

Running a humidifier in hard water areas can be an issue due to the build up of calcium carbonate deposits. With this in mind the Deluxe 202 comes with a large limescale filter to help soften the water before humidification.

The Deluxe 202 has a quiet Night Mode to help you sleep at night, whether it be to help baby sleep better or to stop your partner from snoring!

The 202 Deluxe has a range of controls to help you get the best out of the humidifier with a three stage mist output, aroma diffuser, hot or cold mist function, auto humidistat and a variable mist output for more even distribution of the clean, humidified air within the room. The Deluxe is suitable for large rooms up to 65m².

This MeacoDeluxe unit comes with a two-year parts and labour warranty.

You will benefit from our carefully-designed features:

  • An aroma diffuser to create a refreshing scent in your home.
  • The HEPA filter retains 97.3% of particles 0.3 micrometres in diameter to help clean the air in your room.
  • A Mist Level Button changes the humidification output level.
  • Adjustable humidity level between 40%rh and 80%rh.
  • An active charcoal filter with 12-15g of charcoal to help remove odours.
  • Low noise level of ≤ 35dB(A) when the setting is on Cool Mist and ≤ 45dB(A) for the Warm Mist feature.



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