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2000W Power Station with South African plugs
1000W Power Station with South African plugs
1000W power station with south african plugs
1000W Power Station with South African plugs

DP2000iL - 2000W LiFePO4 Portable Power Station (Trolley)

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2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter, 4000W Surge Power, 2048Wh LiFePO4 Lithium Battery. This portable power station features one of the largest capacity batteries on the market plus a 2000w inverter capable of powering multiple laptops, routers, TV's, a fridge and more. This unit will keep you powered during load-shedding, or extended power outages.

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1000w portiable power station lithium south african plugsFeatures:

  • High capacity battery - 2048Wh
  • 2 x South African 3 prong plugs
  • High safety level and long life with LiFePO4 lithium battery
  • 2000W inverter, 4000w surge power
  • Intelligent control and monitor by smartphone APP
  • Wheels make the power station easy to move around
  • Reliable power control system
  • Multi-protection system
  • Various charging methods: AC charger, solar panels, car charger
  • Superior output capacity


  • 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter (4000w Surge Power)
  • Rated power: 1000VA
  • Peak power: 2000VA
  • Battery: 2048Wh, 80Ah(25.6V) LiFePO4 battery (Lithium)
  • Battery Life Cycle > 2500
  • AC output: 240V/50Hz pure sine wave
  • DC ouput: 12V/33A anderson SB50, 12V/10A cigarette lighter, 12V/6A 6mm port, and 5V/2A/1A USB
  • Charging input: AC 230 VAC / 300W (Built in AC Charger)
  • Solar Charging: Built in MPPT charger. 36-140 Volts, Max 300 Watts 
  • Dimensions 53x32x43cm with 36kg weight

*note that the photo used is of the DP1000, both units look the same. 

DP1000iL 1000w pure sine wave power station main 10


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Average Rating: 5

  • 14-02-2022
    excellent service / delivery Dylan is best and he followed up in professional manner. Will recommend this company
    pretoria -
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  • 02-03-2023
    Morning Dylan the DP2000iL - 2000W Portable Power Station (Trolley) was received in good order and is working very well. Very much impressed with this power station which is used to run two (2) fridges at the same time through load shedding periods and easy being topped up between load shedding intervals with the 300-watt internal charger. Thank you for your quick response, personal assistance and overall great service, it was nice to business with Eco-Hub. Friendly greetings.
    Aliwal- North -
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  • 29-09-2022
    Good quality mobile inverter generator with 2kWh LFP battery. Very easy to transport. The 2kW pure sine power comes in handy. There is no perceivable delay in the UPS function. It charges on AC at only 300W from wall plug so if you want to use it as a UPS check that the load does not exceed 300W else the battery will discharge. I am looking into investing into solar to boost the charge with a further 600W. Pleasure doing business with EcoHub.
    Secunda -
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  • 02-12-2022
    Exceptional service and advice. Exceeded our expecations.
    Bethlehem -
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  • 24-11-2022
    After an initial faulty unit was quickly swapped-out by the supplier, our power station has a fridge and freezer permanently connected to it and has been powering them flawlessly for a while now. It has been a relief to know that they continue running during regular load-shedding. The only issue so far has been that, if the outages have been too close to each other, the battery does not have enough time to recharge fully. This is because it seems to share its charge and supply (inverter)...
    Read more
    Robertson -
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