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Stone Mills & Rollers

KOMO Mio Stone Mill

The KoMoMio Stone Mill / Grain Mill. The perfect companion with a powerful 400 watts for beginners AND baking professionals. We use an innovative combination of solid wood and Arboblend ®, an...

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KoMo Fidibus Medium, Stone Mill

The KoMo Medium grinder offers beautifully clean lines and excellent grain milling performance.

Price: R 7950
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WonderMill Junior Deluxe

The Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill has all metal parts except for the stone burrs and handle. It has no plastic parts. And it is beautifully cast with a thick powder-coat finish. Mill wet or dry...

Price: R 7800
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KoMo PK1, Stone Mill

The internal workings of the PK 1 are identical to the Classic stone mill, with large 3.35 inch diameter, self sharpening corundum-ceramic burrs and high efficiency 360 watt motor. Its exterior is...

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Price: R 8261
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Granary 3x4.5 kg

Price: R 3505
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KoMo FidiFloc Medium Stone Mill & Grain Roller

The KoMoFidiFloc is your complete, all-in-one grinding & flaking centre!

Price: R 11700
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