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Solenco 85L Heavy Duty, Commercial Dehumidifier

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Experience unmatched durability with the Solenco 85L Heavy Duty Commercial Dehumidifier. Combining rota-moulded resilience and advanced moisture control.

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  • Rota-Moulded Durability: Engineered for resilience in demanding commercial environments
  • Powerful Integrated Water Pump: Capable of pumping water up to 4.8 meters vertically
  • Intuitive Electronic Touch Pad Controls: Streamlined operations for ease-of-use
  • "Never Flat" Tyres: Ensures effortless navigation across expansive spaces
  • Auto-Restart Feature: Seamlessly resumes operation after power interruptions
  • Built-in Ducting Flexibility: Adaptable to varied commercial scenarios

Solenco 85L Commercial Dehumidifier: Durability Meets Modern-Day Functionality

In the demanding realm of commercial environments, the Solenco 85L Commercial Dehumidifier emerges as a beacon of resilience and efficiency. Sculpted using advanced rota-moulding techniques, this unit promises unparalleled durability, making it an ideal companion for businesses facing rigorous day-to-day operations. Its heavy-duty "never flat" tyres ensure smooth navigation, while the integrated water pump, capable of pumping water up to 4 meters vertically, guarantees effective moisture management.

What sets the Solenco 85L apart is its keen attention to user experience. The device boasts an intuitive electronic touch pad control system, allowing for streamlined operations. Moreover, its built-in duct ring provides optional ducting flexibility, ensuring adaptability across varied commercial scenarios. And with the auto-restart feature, businesses can rest easy knowing that in the event of power interruptions or load-shedding, the dehumidifier will resume without a hitch.

From safeguarding inventory and prolonging machinery lifespan to ensuring a conducive environment for employees and customers, the Solenco 85L Commercial Dehumidifier is more than just a tool—it's an invaluable asset for any forward-thinking business.

Brand: Solenco
Compressor or Desiccant?: Compressor
Extraction Rate: at 27°C and 60%rh - 50 litres per day
Extraction Rate: at 30°C and 80%rh - 85 litres per day
Rated Power Consumption: 750W (see table above for more details)
Variable Humidistat: Yes (26% to 90% RH)
Continuous Drainage & Pump: Yes- pump vertically 4m
Filter: Yes, washable dust filter
Digital Display Yes
Operating Temperatures: 5.....35°C
Power Supply: 230V, 50Hz
Refrigerant: R410A/0.56 kg
Rated Current: 3.3 A
Net Weight: 38 kg
Dimensions: (HWD) mm 810 x 510 x 485 mm

Dehumidifying Capacity

65L capacity

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