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Hubble AM5 Battery - 51.2V 5.12KWh

The AM-5 is the first of its series to have LFP prismatic cells, featuring a 5.12kWh, 51V system capacity as well as monitoring capabilities via the Hubble Cloudlink. Rating: 1C. Unlimited Cycle...

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Hubble Lithium Blade 51V 10KW

1.5C Rating. Built-in Cloud Monitoring. Featuring Blade cells – the safest in the industry 10 Year Unlimited Cycle Warranty. Parallel up to 15 units with full comms

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Hubble AM10 10Kwh Wallmount Battery R.2 1C 200AMP BMS

Hubble AM10. 10kWh, 51.2V Lithium Battery (LiFePO4 cells). Unlimited Cycle Warranty

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Price: R 54999
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Hubble AM2 5.5KWh 48V

The AM-2 is a 5.5KWh 48V Lithium pack designed to be easily wall mounted or shelf installed in a standard rack.​ Rating 1C

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