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Here's a comparison to explain the differences between the Oscar DA900 Juicer, the Oscar DA1000 Juicer and the latest model, the Oscar Classic Juicer.

All the Oscars are excellent juicers, there are however some minor differences. The DA900 is a slightly older model and only has a 2 year warranty on parts, whereas the other models have a 5 year warranty. The Oscar DA1000 and Oscar Classic have a pressure adjustment system and yield slightly more.

  Oscar DA900 Oscar DA1000 Oscar Classic
Juice Yield Good Very Good (pressure system) Very Good (pressure system & extra strainer for softer fruits)
Warranty 2yrs parts, 20 yrs motor 5yrs parts, 20 yrs motor 5yrs parts, 20 yrs motor
Juice Quality Excellent Excellent Excellent
Ease of use Really Simple Easy Easy
Durability   Stronger Parts Stronger Parts
Parts Available Available Available
Cleaning Simple Simple Easiest (one piece drum and hopper)

The Oscar Classic Juicer offers some small improvements over the DA1000. Most notably the slightly larger feeding chute and the ability to juice softer fruits with the additional juicing screen.

However the differences between the two are really minor. Both machines make the same quality juice. The DA1000 is about R1000 less.



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