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Ozone Decontamination Station

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Use at a medical reception area or house entrance to decontaminate people, masks, groceries, luggage, phones, wallets, keys etc. Safe and effective decontamination using Ozone, a PIR sensor and timer.

Price: R 8500

decontamination ladyWhat is Ozone

Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidizing agents in the world. It is a tri-atomic molecule. Wheras oxygen has two atoms, ozone has three. The third atom bonds easily with viruses and bacteria and destroys it in seconds. Since only one of the three atoms are used in the oxidation process, an oxygen molecule is left remaining.
Many municipalities around the world are using ozone to disinfect water.
And more and more medical professionals are using medical grade ozone to treat patients suffering from a wide variety of illnesses.

"A must have product for Doctors, Dentists and General Medical Practitioners"

How does the Ozomed Ozone Decontamination Station work.

The Ozomed machine draws air from the room and passes it through powerful elctronics in the machine. The oxygen is then split into two singlet atoms which is allowed to bond with other oxygen molcules to form ozone. This in turn is blown out the machine by means of five fans situated strategically on the front and bottom of the machine.
It is designed to blow ozone on a person standing in front of it from head to toe. It has a little cradle in the middle to place small handheld items.
One fan situated at the bottom of the machine is designed to blow ozone on larger items that can be placed under the machine.


  • Upon entering the home or office one would stand facing the machine with mask on.
  • Place handheld items in the cradle. Keys, sunglasses, wallets etc
  • Place larger items on the floor under the machine. Books, bags, jackets, groceries etc.
  • Switch machine on.
  • Then one would turn around to face the machine again.
  • Switch machine off.
  • Ozone would have permeated the hair, clothing, keys, bags etc.
  • The whole process of decontmination should be done in under a minute.
  • Repeat the process if you have come from a higher risk environment.

Machine Specification :

  • Outer casing and fan covers – ABS Plastic – Non Flamable
  • 220v 50Hz
  • 2 x 5g/hr ozone output
  • Height 103cm ; Width 22cm ; Depth 17cm
  • To be mounted 60cm from floor. Hang on screw fastened to wall.
  • Nett weight 4kg
  • 2A fuse rating 5 x 20
  • PIR Sensor
  • Built in timer – 30sec

Home use:

Switch machine off and on using black switch. Fail safe if machine is accidently left on, PIR Sensor will switch off.

Commercial use:

Switch machine on and leave. PIR Sensor will detect person and will automatically switch on and off.







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